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Have you ever met someone and from that moment felt like your life changed? I have. 

Abby and I first met in Grand Isle in October 2013. We were on a campus ministry retreat, and if I'm being honest, I didn't even want to be there. I was going through a tough time in my life and had hung up the towel when it came to faith, religion, and even happiness. Still, I went to the retreat, reluctantly. I remember driving up to the camp. It was silent. Everyone else had gone the night before except me. As I got out of my truck that warm October morning I saw a lone tent underneath the camp. As I approached, a girl popped her head out. She’d spent the night camping out on the beach while everyone else slept inside. She told me her name was Abby. I remember visiting my parents after the retreat. They asked me how it went, and I responded with, “I met a girl,” and I’ve never been the same since.

Although our story for meeting was glorious; life is not lots of times. Throughout our time dating, engaged, and now married, life has been tough, but it has been good. This is important because if you're like me, you may expect good things to come easily. I have this misconception that somehow because I believe in God, everything in life should go smoothly. No hiccups. No feelings of loneliness. No sickness. No worry or anxiety. 

The truth is life hasn’t been easy since I met Abby. In many ways, life is harder now than it was before I met her, but it’s also a lot better with her. 

I hope that our marriage and our family can be a light for you. Abby and I started this website because we want to share our story with you. We want to share what the Lord has done for us and within us. We rest in the reality that we love a God who loves us. Not because He has too, but because He chooses to.

In September of 2013, I was 21 years old and I was struggling. I had spent my high school and college years allowing myself to be defined by how busy my schedule was, what others thought of me, or who I was dating. I had been in quite a few relationships, and but none seemed to work out and I was beginning to really question if there was anyone special “out there” for me. Thankfully, God had put good community in my life that encouraged me on my journey... I tried my best to give all of my fears and doubts to God in prayer. 

I started praying a 54 day rosary novena for my future husband, whoever/wherever he may be (You pray 27 days for a petition, and then another 27 days in thanksgiving.). October came, and I had decided to attend a campus ministry retreat in Grand Isle during my last fall break as an undergraduate student at Nicholls. It was the morning of day 27 of my rosary novena when I heard a truck pull into the camp we were staying at. (I had slept outside in a tent the night before.) When I crawled out of the tent, there was Mark - a cute “new” guy who the priest (Fr. Andre) had invited to join us. Less than three years later (in 2016), he proposed. In 2017, we were married. In 2018, we welcomed our first baby boy, and in 2019, we welcomed our second... & now, here we are in 2020 - still struggling at times, but still growing - together - in love for the only One who can bring ultimate happiness. 


Over time, God revealed to me that He is the one that defines me, He is the one that truly fulfills me, and He is the one that has a plan for me (see Jeremiah 29:11). My mustard seed-faith in Him is what originally started me on this new journey, and His grace and mercy are pure gift that keep me on it now. It's certainly not easy to surrender everything to him, but He is faithful to His word. He wants to be the one to grant the desires of my heart. He desires that for you, too. My hope is that my little story may remind you of that and encourage you along in your own journey. 

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