I recently recorded a 7 song album in Lexington, Kentucky. We are now in the mixing/mastering process.


I would be deeply grateful if you would partner with me in making this album a reality by donating to my music fund.



To all who help me financially ​fund this record, I want to give you something in return. I do not take your gift lightly, and I am forever grateful for your generosity and support. Check out the options below.

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Tyler Detillier, Eric Wilkes, Tory & Janie Hebert, Pat & Beth Dufrene, Mike & Renee Gautreaux, Matthew Knight, Jean Pitre, Eddie & Janel Bourgeois, James & Julianne Labat, Jacob & Tiffany Bourgeois, Mike Di Salvo, Kathleen Lee, Holly Grabert, Brent Bollinger, Beau & Kolbey Barbera, Emily Laris, Fr. Patrick Riviere, Blaine & Kristen Hymel, Breana Batton, Dave & Mona DeFelice, Carolyn Bourgeois, Mary Pertuit, Dr. Susan Caldwell, James Bollinger, Fr. Andre Melancon, Ashley Waguespack, Sarah Salinas, Emily Plaisance, Stefanie Authement, Lou & Melanie Gros, Josh & Gaynell Broussard, Tyler & Carolyn Neil, Rita West, Kelly Acosta, Brian & Gretchen Clement, Jamie Chauvin, Tori Naquin, Corie Ledet, Fr. John David Matherne, Stan Brouillette, Alex & Stellas Lassiegne, John & Sarah Casey, Holden & Jessica Boudreaux, Ragen Barlow, Maegan Martin, Jerry & Ashley Hohensee, Derek Barrios, Mark & Janet Barrios, Fr. Eric Leyble, Theresa Biondo, David Irwin, Kayla LeBlanc, Matt Bourgeois, Tim & Maddie Thibodaux, Paul & Gretchen George, Denise David, Holly Falgoust, Dominic Pitre, Stephanie Robichaux, John Daigle, Liz Hoffmann, Guadalupe Gifts, Cody Blanchard, Christopher Rodrigue


I would like to say thank you to Mike Mangione for his vision and invaluable assistance. Be on the look out for Mike's newest album, coming soon.

Also, a very special thanks to Duane Lundy at The Lexington Recording Company for his willingness to work with me and make this dream a reality.

Finally, thank you to my wife, Abby, and our 2 boys, Fulton and John Paul, who's constant encouragement and support has made all of this possible.